CT – WFSB-TV – The fire marshal has confirmed that a propane leak was the source for an explosion that destroyed a Bed and Breakfast on Thursday.The actual cause has not yet been identified, butnow the woman who survived the explosion is talking.

Mildred Butler is thankful she escaped harm shortly after the explosion in her old Mystic home on Shewville Road.

“I thought it was an earthquake because it blew me on the floor,”said Butler.

She was the only one home when her house burst into flames, she thinks it started with an explosion in the garage.

“Glass, china, doors we had were all blown into the living area,”she said.

Butler was in her kitchen at the time of the explosion but she says 15 minutes before the explosion she was doing her laundry in her garage.

“It was instinct, I didn’t want to grab nothing, though I had a lot of valuables, I just wanted to get out,”said Butler.

Bruised and bleeding, Butler ran for her life. Within minutes she saw fire tearing through her home. The explosion was heard miles away, it sent pieces of siding, and a door into the yard.

Butler was already at the hospital when her husband, Karle found out what happened to their home and their lively hood.

“A guy at work told me, I don’t want you to get upset, there’s been an explosion at your home, but your wife is okay,”said Karle Butler.

For the last eight years, the Butlers have run a seasonal Bed and Breakfast at their home. They have spent a considerable amount fixing up their property.

Now a third of their home is destroyed, two of their cars are a total lost and their garage is gone.