St. Louis, MO- A South St Louis woman makes a narrow escape when her home explodes. Thick smoke poured from what was left of the home on Selena between Chippewa and Winnebago in South City. The one story brick house was leveled in the explosion. Neighbors definitely heard the blast a little before noon.

Ann Simora, who lives a few houses away, says, “About 11:30 it was just like a huge boom and I just started running around my house to make sure nothing happened in my house. It was one big one and then a little while later after we saw the flames that we heard smaller ones. “

The 49 year old homeowner told relatives that she and her pets were inside. She told her sister that she smelled gas and went to the back door to draw fresh air inside. That’s when the situation got worse according to Fire Capt. Dave Neighbors.

“At that time there was an explosion. She received a minor cut to the left side of her forehead. She has been treated and released here on the scene,” says Neighbors.

Fire department investigators have not released the cause yet. And firefighters were taking no chances with neighboring houses. Capt. Neighbors described what they had to do next.

“We have evacuated the two homes on each side as a precaution. We won’t put them back into those homes until we deem it safe. “

Fire investigators have not said this was caused by natural gas. Neighbors are still feeling a little shaky.