Lancaster County, PA – Saturday’s early morning gas explosion that nearly leveled a West Lampeter Township home was probably a natural gas leak at a service line connecting the house to a gas main in the street.

UGI notified residents in the Apple Croft development by letter Tuesday that initial findings indicate the explosion at 39 Apple Blossom Drive was not caused by a leak inside the house.

“We have launched a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the leak and are cooperating fully with all local and state authorities in their investigations,” UGI wrote in a Tuesday press release about the 8 a.m. explosion that left Miguel and Millie Boyer and their three children homeless.

“We are confident that this area is safe,” UGI officials wrote. “As an additional safety measure, we are inspecting the gas lines throughout the entire Apple Croft development. Leak surveys began immediately after UGI arrived on the scene and continued over the weekend.”

UGI officials said more extensive, periodic surveys are planned, and no additional leaks have been discovered.

At least one Apple Croft resident said Tuesday evening she is reassured by UGI’s continuing investigation.

“I have faith in them because they’re professionals,” Deborah L. Judkins said of UGI. “I work for Exelon, the Philadelphia equivalent to UGI, so I know the professionalism of people who work for these kinds of companies.”

No one was seriously injured in Saturday’s explosion, which caved in the second floor of the Boyers’ home. The family is living temporarily at Willow Valley Resort, where all three Boyer children work. The American Red Cross is helping the family cover expenses, as are Willow Valley and UGI.

UGI reminds customers that if they smell natural gas, they should leave the building or vicinity and immediately call UGI at (800) 609-4844 or 911.

Children also should be taught to recognize the smell of natural gas, which is similar to rotten eggs, thanks to a chemical added to it so leaks can be detected. For a free scratch-and-sniff folder to help teach children, call UGI.