York Township, PA – Two people were treated for carbon monoxide exposure after a furnace malfunctioned in a York Township apartment building, according to Goodwill Fire Company Chief Brian Bastinelli.

Firefighters responded to the four-unit building on Oak Manor Drive at 9:15 a.m. Thursday, Bastinelli said, and found high levels of carbon monoxide.

“Any type of flame device such as a gas stove, gas heating, water heaters, fire places or a furnace should prompt residents to have working carbon monoxide detectors in their homes,” Bastinelli said.

The residents “had a hunch” that there was a carbon monoxide leak and called the fire department, he added.

“They were very lucky,” he said.

The furnace was out of service for most of the day, meaning there was no heat in the home, but Bastinelli expected it would have been fixed soon.