Johnstown, PA – Two people were taken to the hospital for potential carbon monoxide poisoning after emergency responders were summoned to a Richland Township home this morning.

“We’re not sure if that’s what the problem is with the patients, but we did have high levels of carbon monoxide in the residence,” Richland fire Chief Todd Shaffer said. “We evacuated two patients and a family dog. The family dog was taken to Richland Veterinary and the two residents were taken to Conemaugh (Memorial Medical Center).”

Shaffer did not have information on the condition of the residents, whose names were not released, but he did not deny a report that a man passed out once he got outside of the Chrysler Avenue home.

“When we were bringing the one victim out, he was unstable,” Shaffer said. “He was unstable and we had to help him to the ambulance.”

Emergency responders were called to a home in Upper Yoder Township earlier in the morning for another potential carbon monoxide problem. Fire officials warned that portable heaters, which many local residents are using on a day when temperatures in the region were as low as 15 degrees below zero, can lead to carbon monoxide issues. Residents are urged to use a meter that can warn of dangerous carbon monoxide levels.