Lansing, MI – An adult and child in Lansing were taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning after being poisoned by carbon monoxide emitted from a generator used in their basement.

Firefighters say someone in the home on the 1300 block of Ionia Street called 911 after experiencing flu-like symptoms. That person then passed out. Both people in the home were taken to an area hospital in stable condition.

“They were running a gasoline-powered generator in the basement of this home,” said Steve Babcock of the Lansing Fire Department. “Gasoline-powered equipment is not designed to run inside an enclosed space such as a home.”

This marks the second carbon monoxide poisoning in two days.

A family of eight in Lansing was rushed to the hospital Monday after officials said they used a gas oven to heat their home for several hours.

“Please don’t heat your house with your ovens, stovetops, anything that burns emits carbon monoxide, poisonous gases that could overcome you, said Eric Weber of the Lansing Fire Department. “Generators, any gas combustion engines need to be left outside.”