Coalville, UT – Camper trailer explodes in Summit County

Grant Johnson of Ogden looks over pictures he took after a travel trailer explosion Saturday night in Summit County. It happened at Echo Creek Ranch, 15 miles east of Coalville.

Johnson said, “And it’s just miraculous that nobody was in there.”

Johnson said he was just a few hundred yards from the trailer when he felt a big explosion. He said it rocked his whole cabin.

Johnson said the trailer belongs to neighbor Brady Pomeroy. Johnson said he believes Pomeroy tried unsuccessfully to light the furnace on the trailer. When that didn’t work, Johnson said Pomeroy lit the burner on the stove and went into his mother’s cabin nearby.

Johnson said Pomeroy back just a few minutes later. Johnson said, “When [Pomeroy] opened the door, the air moving in moved the propane up to the flame. That’s what caused the explosion.”

Ogden City Fire Battalion Chief Corey Barton said he’s seen similar situations. He said the mistake is people might think they have any gas leaks fixed but they don’t. Barton said, “I’ve actually had individuals that have checked for leaks with lighters and that’s never a good thing to do.”

So was Johnson surprised that Pomeroy was still alive after being blown back about five feet? Johnson said, “No, he’s pretty tough, he can handle that.”

Johnson said Pomeroy suffered minor burns but did not have to go to the hospital.

Ogden City fire officials say this all could have been prevented had the owner bought a flammable gas detector.