Blount County, TN – A spokesperson with the Blount County Sheriff’s Department tells Local 8 News that three people were sent to the hospital after possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Kaylie Agre said her mom, Jessica Love, 40, stepdad, Brian Love, 43, and brother Nathan Love, 11 are still in the hospital, but they’re all recovering.

“I couldn’t understand a word he was saying,” Agre said her little brother called her in tears when he walked into their parents’ trailer and found them unconscious on the floor.

“My little brother could have been a minute away from calling me telling me they would have died from it,” she added.

Officials say a deputy on scene at Montvale Road say a generator was being used to pipe heat into an RV trailer. Agre said the exhaust was under their trailer, pouring carbon monoxide inside.

The Blount County Fire Department says crews found an elevated amount of carbon monoxide in the home.

“Just to think that we were so close to losing them, it hurts,” said Agre.

Agre says her brother is doing well and her mom is in stable condition. She says her stepdad suffered the worst. He is still in the ICU, but says they expect him to be alright.