Ashley, MI – MLive — A family apparently ignored the alarms of a carbon monoxide detector but was saved from serious illness by a vigilant high school teacher.

Ashley High teacher Candy Burk noticed that one of her students, junior Christy Bolis, was not herself Thursday. Usually bright and alert, Christy was sluggish, sleepy and unfocused, principal Tom Saylor said.

Burk reported her concern to Saylor, and school officials called 911. Rescue workers determined that Bolis was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. She told officials that the family had installed a carbon monoxide detector, and it “kept going off all night,” Saylor told the Morning Sun of Mount Pleasant.

Christy’s brother, Cory, a freshman, was brought to the office and said he, too, was experiencing headaches and other aches and pains.

School personnel tried to call the students’ mother, but there was no answer. Ambulance personnel sent to the home knocked, but got also got no answer. State police were then called and forcibly entered the home.

The mother, was sleeping and was fine, Saylor said. Christy and Cory were sent to Carson City Hospital, where their symptoms subsided.

It was unclear why the kids didn’t do anything when the detector started going off, Saylor said. But school officials praised their employee.