Lexington, KY – Lexington mechanical service technicians helped save one woman who had dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in her home.

Betty Best said that something wasn’t right this holiday season.

“When I first turned my furnace on, I noticed I was waking up with headaches,” Best told LEX 18’s Angie Beavin.

She used to work at the C & P Market and Grill where she got to know workers from Lexington Mechanical Service who would visit the diner often.

“She called us and said her heat was out,” said Jake Ramsey of the Lexington Mechanical Service.

They found a crack in her furnace with a serious leak.

“After we took our carbon monoxide detector into the house it went off the scales,” said Ramsey.

They replaced the broken furnace with a new one, free of cost to Betty Best.

Ramsey says the high levels of carbon monoxide could have led to serious illness or death.

“They just love me to death and I do them,” said Best. “They’re always saying, ‘Oh, you going to make me some beer cheese, pecan pie?’And I always do and take it to them.”

“This time of year it’s brutal on people. Financially your gas bills and your electric bills go up,” said Ramsey. “Some people can’t do it all, so we want to make sure that they don’t have to worry about that and can continue on having a good holiday.”

In addition to checking your furnace, the technicians say you should make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors.