Asheville, NC – Authorities were called to a strip mall in South Asheville about 9 p.m. Monday after detectors picked up high levels of carbon monoxide.

There were no injuries, but Asheville firefighters had to evacuate 12 people from Anytime Fitness, where they believe the carbon monoxide was coming from.

Firefighters came out about 9 p.m., responding to carbon monoxide detected inside Cryology.

Then they realized multiple detectors were picking up carbon monoxide, and the levels of carbon monoxide kept increasing as they got closer to the gym.

“It’s usually quiet. Don’t know what to think about it. Really. Usually, I come over here and there’s nothing going on. So, I pull in and see all these red lights. So, I guess I’m going home,” said gym member Bobby Green, who had to cancel his workout.

The cause of the unsafe levels of carbon monoxide is under investigation.