Port Susan, OR- A man says he saved his mom after a propane tank exploded at their Port Susan home last week.

Kevin Sullens said he hopes to be discharged from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle soon, but his mom remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

The two were in their home last week when it suddenly exploded. Sullens said a propane leak on the stove is probably to blame.

“The explosion threw us right up against my car like rag dolls,” Sullens said, “We were on fire. We were actually standing in fire.”

He said his feet were on fire and that he grabbed his mom Erma and forced her to walkout barefoot on broken glass.

“I pulled her with me and she just wanted to cry as she was standing. Each step we took it really hurt,” Sullens said.

The explosion was powerful enough to blow out windows on a nearby van.

Erma was airlifted to the hospital and Sullens was transported by an ambulance. Both of them suffered extensive burns.

Sullens is expected to be discharged on Friday, but said his only thought is being strong enough to help his mom recover when she’s released.

Sullens said he’s not a hero, but just loves his mom.

“I’m an American boy who loves his mother,” he said.

He said he hasn’t seen the house yet, but knows it’s a total loss.

Erma is so heavily sedated that she can’t communicate, but Sullens said he’s in her room every day to simply tell her “we’re alive.”