Solon, OH – Solon Fire Department is stressing the importance of maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors after a house fire and carbon monoxide poisoning this weekend.

A family of five called the Solon Fire Department after they felt flu-like symptoms in their Brushwood Drive home Sunday. The Solon Fire Rescue team began to check the home for carbon monoxide poisoning. The crew found a 200 ppm reading on a detection meter, a potentially fatal level, according to a Solon Fire Rescue news release.

The family was transported to Hillcrest Hospital for treatment of prolonged exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide. The fire department suspects the carbon monoxide came from a natural gas appliance in the home, which did not have a carbon monoxide detector.

Two days earlier, the fire department went to Brainard Road where residents called 911 after awaking to the sound of a smoke detector and the smell of smoke, according to the news release. The fire department used a thermal imaging camera to locate a fire within a wall behind the fireplace. There was damage to the wall and floor as well as smoke damage to the home.

“Each of the officers leading the shifts commented on the importance of having detectors,” said Solon Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Steve Shebeck.