Sioux City, IA – There wasn’t any smoke or fire, but there’s no doubt something happened at 3312 Cheyenne Boulevard in Sioux City.

Fire crews were called there tonight around 6PM, after an explosion ruined one family’s home.

Neighbors were shocked.

As Sandy Tran recalls, “I was sitting in my front window and heard this loud explosion – at first, I thought it was loud thunder and I just happened to look outside and I saw the neighbors door in their driveway.”

The homeowner, in disbelief.

Cuong Phung (and his translator), say, “… He just…Like he says, he feels just terrible.”

Phung’s home exploded and was knocked off it’s foundation. Through his translator, he says just hours after a furnace repairman finished work on a gas line, the explosion happened.

He, another adult, and three children were inside at the time, but quickly escaped, unharmed.

Judging by the extensive damage, officials believe the explosion was caused by natural gas.

Joe Rodriguez with the Sioux City Fire Department, says, “If you do have a natural gas explosion, normally, it’s a quick fire, flash fire and the fire goes away. Normally, we’ve seen this before – where the percussion of the explosion causes most of the damage to the structure and not so much to the individuals because it’s such a quick fire.”

Most of the residents were taken to the hospital as a precaution.But their home won’t recover as quickly.

The Red Cross is assisting the homeowner and his family tonight, as their home is no longer safe to live in. People living on the 3000 block of Cheyenne Boulevard were asked to temporarily evacuate their homes for precautionary reasons.