Sherman, IL – An explosion rocks a Sangamon County neighborhood and a home goes up in flames.

Firefighters in Sherman were called to the 300 block of Middleburg Drive around four Sunday afternoon. When they arrived they found one house leveled and the one next door burning.

“I heard a big boom and then I turned around and everything just shot out of the house and I was just standing there and about 2 minutes later it was just engulfed in flames,” said witness Matt Rehan.

Rehan says he thought someone was shooting at him, but when he turned around the house behind him was gone. Luckily no one was inside when the home went up in flames.

“I think they were on their way back from town and the saw the smoke and it was there house,” said Rehan.

Right now firefighters don’t know what caused the fire, but natural gas was involved.

“We found natural gas had been fueling the fire of the structure that was on the ground. We controled the fire from the structure side,” said Sherman Fire Capt. Tery Roderick.

High winds helped to spread flames to the house next door, which suffered heavy damage. Friends are now left trying to help the family save what’s left.

“It’s all messed up. It use to be really nice inside. The roof is like gone, it’s wet and it smells really bad like a campfire,” said Rehan.

Investigators from the state fire marshall’s office were on the scene trying to determine a cause, but that could take days.

Everyone is just thankful no one was seriously hurt. A female firefighter was treated on the scene for heat exhaustion, but officials say her injuries aren’t serious.

Firefighters say an older coupled lived in the home. A family of four lived next door.