Moultonborough, NH -By CAROL CARTER Union Leader Correspondent

MOULTONBOROUGH — Just hours after a gas explosion leveled a home and killed a 5-year-old girl on Saturday night, another summer home just a few miles away was rocked by a propane explosion on Sunday afternoon. There were no injuries in the second incident.

Deputy Fire Chief Arthur Abbott said a faulty connection emptied the contents of the propane tank into the basement of a residence at 8 Adams Shore Road. A floor furnace ignited the fumes and exploded, lifting the house off its foundation, Abbott said.

The owners had just arrived from Florida two days earlier but were not injured in the explosion, which damaged the foundation, a deck and sliding glass door. The owner was inside the garage and his wife was in the house at the time of the explosion, Abbott said.

Yesterday, spectators continued visiting the scene of the fatal Saturday night explosion and fire on Hanson Drive in the Krainwood Shores development.The family’s Chrysler van, and a Subaru wagon remained in the yard.Both were torched by the intense flames that leveled the family’s home.