Scituate, MA – A Scituate house was leveled this afternoon and one person was killed after an explosion rocked the neighborhood, blowing out windows, knocking pictures off walls and leaving residents shaken, according to two neighbors and fire officials.

The Scituate Fire Department confirmed that there was an explosion at 27 Turner Road at about 2:45 p.m. and that one person is dead.

The explosion appears to be related to a gas leak, neighbors said.

“The house is totally destroyed,” said John Galluzzo, who lives three doors down from the home that exploded. “There’s nothing left of it. The house was gone in a second. I was on the couch and it threw me off the couch.”

He said the blast knocked down picture frames from the walls and blew out windows in his home and five others on the street. Galluzzo said the explosion sent a refrigerator into the street.

He said the letter carrier said she noticed a strong odor of gas in the neighborhood about five minutes before the explosion.

“The house is totally gone,” said another neighbor, Mary Langan, 75. “It’s as if it wasn’t even there. People tell me it was like a bomb. They thought a bomb had been dropped.”

Langan was not home at the time of the explosion, and returned to chaos.

“I was gone for about 15 minutes to pick up a Christmas gift, and when I came back the whole place was all smoke and I thought it was my house,” she said.

She said firefighters turned off the gas in her house, leaving her with no heat. But she’s grateful to be alive.

“I’m OK. I’m alright,” she said.