Mobile, AL – AL.Com — The president of McGill-Toolen High School, his wife and two of their children were among at least 20 people treated at Springhill Medical Center after being poisoned by carbon monoxide fumes from gasoline-powered generators.

A hospital spokeswoman said the Rev. Bry Shields’s wife, Dr. Ruth Shields, was in fair condition. Bry Shields and the couple’s son, Thomas Shields, 17, were treated and released.

Bry Shields’ sister-in-law, Therese Shields, said the couple’s daughter, Virginia Shields, 21, was in good condition and was expected to be released Wednesday.

Therese Shields said Hurricane Katrina had knocked out electric power to the Shields’ home and they were using the generator to power appliances.

Bry Shields’ mother Sara Shields said Wednesday that she had rushed to her son’s house when she got word from another son that something was wrong.

“They couldn’t wake the boy up, upstairs,” Sara Shields said. “When I got here, my son and his daughter were lying on the bed sick. They couldn’t get up and were fainting.”

She said all four had regained consciousness and were breathing on their own when Mobile Fire-Rescue Department medics put them in ambulances.