Memphis, TN- A man was found dead inside a home in the 700-Block of Buntyn in Orange Mound Monday.

Relatives say the 35-year-old victim went by the nickname, “KP.”

Memphis police removed the body from the home, then a short time later detectives loaded a small gas generator into a CSI van.

Relatives say KP had the generator running inside the house overnight when the temperatures dropped below freezing. They suspect he was using it to generate heat because the home was without electricity.

Relatives say KP was a kind person who worked as a furniture delivery man. “He never bothered anybody,” said one relative, as she rested her head on a friend’s shoulder for support.

One of the victim’s friends tells WREG News Channel 3, he was with KP was at a club the night before. The friend says when he didn’t hear from KP in the morning, he started to worry. That’s when he went to the house on Buntyn and found KP on the floor dead. He says he didn’t see any blood or any other signs of foul play.

Some family members suspect KP was trying to crawl out of the house when he died.

Health experts warn you should never use generators inside, because deadly amounts of carbon monoxide can build up quickly.