Greenville, NH – People living in Greenville experienced an unexpected wake-up call Sunday morning when an explosion rocked an auto repair shop in town.

Crews from five different towns worked for two and a half hours to control the damage from the explosion and consequent fires at Northeast Performance Diesel Truck Repair Shop.

Greenville Fire Department Chief Larry Legere said debris from the explosion was launched up to 200 feet from the center of the blast.

Officials traced the source of the explosion back to a leaking propane tank outside of the shop. According to the Southern Maine Fire Notification Web site, fallen snow severed the gas meter off of a 1,000-gallon propane tank, causing a propane buildup in the garage.

“At this time we still don’t know what sparked the blast. It might have been a problem with a furnace, we just don’t know at this time,” said Legere.

No one was hurt in the explosion. Aside from damage done to the shop itself, a few vehicles in for repairs at the shop experienced some minor damage, as did a nearby mobile home.