Westport, CT – A resident turning on a propane-fueled kitchen stove was able to contain the damage after a gas explosion underneath the unit Tuesday morning.

Parts of the countertop range and pieces of cabinetry were strewn about the kitchen, but there were no injuries from the blast, fire officials said.

“This explosion was likely the result of a failure or leak in the unit,’’ Westport Fire Chief Andrew Kingsbury said. “Quick action of the resident to shut off the burner control prevented further damage.’’

Investigators from the town fire marshal’s office found that the General Electric-manufactured gas range-top had been recalled in 2011 after six reports involving explosions.

Kingsbury said the Westport fire department notified the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission of the incident Tuesday.

The recall notice states that the GE Monogram model Pro Rangetop with Grill is a hazard because burners on rangetops operating on liquefied petroleum (propane) may fail to ignite or light if the gas control knob is left in a position between OFF and LITE, posing a risk of delayed ignition or explosion.

“If you smell gas or have any problem with any fuel-fired appliance, immediately leave the area and call 911,’’ the fire chief said. “If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Westport Fire Marshal’s Office at 203-341-5020 or clock on CPSC.gov for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Six other reports involving explosions have been reported to the manufacturer.