Carlton Township, MI – A house explosion near Hastings blew out the home’s windows and caused severe structural damage.

Two teen-age boys were home alone at 1:30 p.m., 1725 Rowden Drive, when the house exploded, but they were not hurt. An investigation found the explosion was a result of a build-up of leaking propane gas that ignited in the home’s basement, according to State Police in Hastings.

The explosion did not cause a fire.

Neighbor Jeff Butcher said the explosion blew the house about 6 inches off of its foundation. He was in his garage, about 100 yards from the house, when it exploded. He said he did not hear the explosion, but heard the fire trucks pull up to the house moments later.

The house is surrounded by five acres of mostly woods and is secluded from the road, he said.

“Most of the windows were out in the grass and the panes of glass were missing or shattered,” he said, noting that one window was 10 feet long. “They were actually blown out the side of the house onto the grass.

“They were lucky no one got hurt.”