Millersville, TN- A birthday party came to an explosive end early Sunday Morning.

WTVF-TV – Part of a house on Langbrage Drive in Millersville, blew up causing a lot of damage.

Police say the party was just wrapping up when someone accidentally ran over a propane line with their car.

That caused a leak which firefighters tried to repair, but 45 minutes later the garage exploded.

“Our department made every effort to stop the leak.We were able to get to the cut-off valves and turn off the two cut-off valves that led in the residence.Unfortunately, the line had been broken between the tank and those valves, so there was no way to stop the escaping gas,” said Robert Mobley, Millersville City Manager.

The garage was destroyed and several cars were damaged. The road leading to the house was closed during the incident, as a safety precaution.