Hope, ND- A propane leak is the likely cause of an explosion and fire that destroyed a museum building here, authorities say.

No one was injured in the blast that occurred around 7:30 p.m. Thursday. The two-story brick building on the grounds of the Steele County Historical Museum was destroyed.

Sheriff Wayne Beckman said a faulty furnace apparently filled the building with propane, which somehow ignited. The explosion caused most of the building’s roof to collapse, he said.

The building, which was next to the main museum, was being renovated, and museum officials said most of the historical artifacts had been removed.

Museum director Jeff Matson, who was in a building next door when the explosion happened, said it sounded like a “clap of thunder.”

“You walk outside and look at something that’s always there, you’re used to seeing, and then there’s no walls left, it kind of puts you in a state of shock,” he said.