Billings, MO – A propane gas leak is the suspected cause of a house explosion this morning in Billings, slightly injuring the occupant.

Billings Police Chief Henry Bos said a call was received around 6:45 a.m. regarding a house explosion at 447 Smart Rd. When officials arrived, they found one of the residents with minor injuries who reportedly had been blown out of the house.

“All we know is she apparently had the remote control, was going to turn on the TV and that’s all she remembers,” Bos said. “It blew her out of the house, but she’s not hurt, believe it or not, but the house is destroyed.”

Bos said the woman, who he could not identify, and her husband reportedly smelled propane last night and thought they had it all cleared out. He was not in the house when the explosion occurred.

Although the tank itself was located away from the house, propane gas is heavier than air and it built up underneath the home, which is believed to be the cause for the explosion.

No other property was damaged in the explosion, Bos said.

Propane tanks are heavily used in the area, Bos said, and it’s important for occupants to be aware of the strong odor the gas has when there is a leak. Even though there are detectors for carbon monoxide, smoke and heat, there is no residential detectors on the market.

“About the only way you can know it’s there is the odor,” Bos said of propane gas leaks. “If that happens, you need to get out of the residence and turn off the gas at the tank and wait until it clears or have a professional come in and check it.”