Oak Creek, CO- Firefighters in Oak Creek are trying to rescue a homeowner trapped under rubble and debris after a propane explosion leveled his home.

Firefighters fear the man may be dead.

The explosion occurred Wednesday at about 8:30 a.m. near Highway 27 and Highway 131.

Neighbor Joe Opps said the explosion rattled his house and it first, he thought heavy snow had just fallen off his roof. But when he looked out the window, saw flames and heard fire engines heading toward the “boom,” he walked outside to take a closer look.

“It blew out all the walls and the roof went straight down,” said Opps. “It looks like it damaged a few homes and vehicles nearby.”

All the windows were blown out of a van parked outside.

Police have set up a perimeter to keep people away.

The cause of the propane explosion is under investigation.

Several fire engines and ambulances from Oak Creek Fire Rescue and Steamboat Fire Rescue are at the scene.

Oak Creek police officers, Routt County Sheriff’s deputies and workers with Oak Creek Public Works are also there to help.

Oak Creek is about 15 miles south of Steamboat Springs and 100 miles west of Denver.