Montrose, CO – A Montrose man suffers serious injuries after an explosion flattens his home.Authorities say Lewie Willson is in critical condition at Western States Burn Center after a blast from a propane leak destroyed the house he was renting.The explosion happened shortly before 8:30 this morning at a home on 61.75 Road in Montrose.

Authorities say Willson had recently installed a gas heater in the house. Landlord Les Cook came inside this morning and told Willson he smelled propane gas.A short time later the house was in pieces and with the help of neighbors, Willson was able to crawl from the wreckage, burned and bleeding from his head.

Witnesses say they heard the blast from four miles away. According to Montrose Deputy Fire Chief Dale Erickson the explosion was triggered by a lit cigarette. Damage to the property is estimated at $71,000.