It was an accident…plain and simple. That’s the word from Dade county authorities about that propane gas explosion yesterday morning that left four people with serious burns. The investigation went into its final phase today.

The small, close knit neighborhood on Trinity Road is still in shock over the tragic events of yesterday morning.

At last report, 26 year old Lindsey Norcross and her two children, 5 year old Emma and 4 year old Ewan were in critical condition at the burn center of Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta Georgia.

Four year old Katie McDaniel is in fair condition at the Shrine Burn center in Cincinnati.

Other families are asking tonight…could it happen to us?

The answer is….yes, it could.

DET. NATHAN LEE, DADE COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT “Preliminary investigation right now was that a space heater had been removed and there was a valve left on the space heater which was accessed into the floor..and unfortunately…something sparked that.”

All of the walls were blown out on the trailer home and neighbor Michael Pangle ran across the street and into the back of the structure and pulled Katie McDaniel from the fire. Ms. Norcross brought out her two children as fire units arrived.

Detective Lee says it’s possible a refrigerator motor set-off the layer of propane near the floor. As for the valve…

DET LEE “I would just make sure if you ever remove something..make sure its capped off..they make caps to put on them. Make sure they are capped things like this don’t happen again.”

Detective Lee says in this part of the south, people think of meth labs when they hear about and explosion in a home.

He wants to make the distinction here. And, by the way, he says, meth labs don’t explode, they catch fire.

Right now, neighbors are just pulling for Ms. Norcross and the children to recover.