Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma Natural Gas has released a report stating the cause for the home explosion that occurred early last month in northwest Oklahoma City.

According to reports, there was a crack in one of the four-inch polyethylene gas mains which was causing the gas leak. The report went on to say that it was because of “poor workmanship” that the gas main cracked.

District Chief Benny Fulkerson says 50 houses sustained at least some damage while debris was seen 200 yards away from the explosion that occurred on January 2nd. Also, several vehicles on the street had body and glass damage. Many commented on social media that the scene reminded them of the aftermath of a tornado.

The results of the preliminary investigation were released on January 6th. The report stated that a leak occurred at a leak occurred at a weld seam in a section of the gas main. Natural gas escaped and migrated underground, where it entered the residence.

ONG says that there was roughly $243 of gas released.