Wichita Falls, TX – Atmos Energy officials are still digging through the remains of this home trying to pin down the exact cause of a gas leak, which ignited the explosion last week.

The charred remnants of this home on Kessler street serve as a reminder of how dangerous gas can be.

Randy West, a spokesman for Atmos Energy says not to take the smell of gas lightly, he says an Atmos crew will come investigate the problem.

“2Leave the area; don’t call from the home. Don’t turn on any switches and call us. We are available 25/7. Our technicians will be right out.”

Wichita Falls fire department officials say their reports show that resident Donna Chandler, flipped a light switch in her home igniting the gas leak and leading to the roaring inferno.

Chandler was airlifted to Parkland Memorial in Dallas her fiancé and son were not home at the time.

West says the gas leak that started the Kessler fire is no longer a danger.

“We have done a leak survey of the entire area to make sure there wasn’t any other leaks, but the one leak is isolated and we’re doing an investigation to know what cause this accident.”

At the time of the fire, neighbors reported smelling gas in the area of that home.

West urges everyone not to ignore those warnings and to report them to 911 or to Atmos directly.

“We deliver safe natural gas to our customers the best we can and we ask if you do have a problem or smell gas, give us a call.”

The injured resident of that home, Donna Chandler, is still in the burn intensive care unit of Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

She is listed as being in stable condition, and nurses say they see some slight improvements in her today, but the road to recovery will be a long one.