MA- WPRI-TV – A local woman dies from carbon monoxide poisoning- and officials say her death could have been prevented.

Ninety-five year old Nurel Pearson was found dead inside her North Attleboro home Sunday. Firefighters using gas meters say they found high levels of carbon monoxide in the home. Police say a faulty furnace in the basement backfired…leaking the toxic fumes.

Cold weather has people turning up the heat- and a carbon monoxide detector is the only way to identify the colorless, odorless, tasteless gas.

In fact, new single family homes are now required to have carbon monoxide detectors.Chief Peter Lamb of the North Attleboro Fire Department says, “We’re buttoning up houses to keep the heat in and any malfunction of any heating device, oil, gas or what have you can result in carbon monoxide build-up in the house.”

Pearson did not have either a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. Officials urge everyone to check all fuel burning appliances to prevent tragedies like this one