Yellow Springs, OH – A home on East Hyde Road suffered extensive damage after a propane tank exploded late Friday morning.

Miami Township firefighters responded to the 1100 block shortly after 11 a.m. and saw pieces of the building spread around the property but no flames.

“On our arrival, this (the building) was what we saw,” Miami Township Fire Chief Colin Altman said. “There was no smoke, no fire. We did a quick assessment and found that the only person who had been in the building was a contractorHe had been picking up the tools and clearing out. He was inside, didn’t smell any gas or anything. He was leaving the house when it exploded. He is fine, but obviously a little shaken up.”

The property is a part of Glen Helen, which is owned by Antioch College, and has been under renovation for the past year. It was going to be rented to generate revenue for the college. The lease was to be signed next week, and the potential tenant had just left the property moments before the explosion took place. No injuries or fatalities were reported but the house suffered extensive damage.

“Not only is it extremely unfortunate for the college, but there was a general contractor who was here just seconds before the explosion occurred and had exited and was in their car,” Antioch College Director of Communications Matt Desjardins said. “It’s extremely lucky that he wasn’t injured in any way. Obviously he’s a little shaken up by the event. We send our hearts and thoughts to him but are extremely grateful that he wasn’t injured. Nobody was in the building at the time.”

Desjardins is not sure if the building could be salvaged but said it was “not looking good.”

“We’ll continue to work with the insurance company and fire department to assess the property to determine next steps forward,” he said. “It’s a significant loss to the Glen and college. We’re just very lucky nobody was injured.”

East Hyde Road will remain closed indefinitely out of concerns that the building may collapse.