(Volo, IL — September 22, 2004) The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has officially recommended that certain new boats must be equipped with working smoke detectors.

The revised standard states that smoke detectors shall be installed in marine vessels 26 feet or more in length with sleeping compartments.This is the result of a standards update to NFPA 302 — Fire Protection Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft that was effective on August 5, 2004.

Jeff Wisniewski, General Manager of Marine Technologies, Inc. said the NFPA is the leader in fire prevention, and their recommendations are based on the knowledge and experience of its membership.

NFPA is an international nonprofit membership organization with more than 75,000 members representing nearly 100 countries around the world. NFPA’s safety codes and standards influence every building, process, service, design, and installation in the US, as well as many of those used in other countries.

Wisniewski said he is very pleased to see the NFPA come out with this ruling but adds that selecting the right detector is a key to optimal protection. NFPA302 requires the smoke alarms to be listed to the same requirements as USCG sections 28.325B and 181.450.

“Smoke detectors are required in homes, apartments and even RVs; anywhere people sleep.People sleep and even live on boats, so it makes sense to have the same basic level of fire safety on boats as well,” said Wisniewski.“Boat owners and manufacturers should, however, take care in selecting a alarm that meets the new NFPA standard.Not all smoke alarms meet the NFPA standard, as the leading manufacturer of safety alarms for recreational vehicle and boating industries we bring decades of experience in developing products specifically for these rugged environments.”

MTI manufactures a full line of safety and security products for boating enthusiasts, including a UL listed smoke detector with Alarm Mute Button.The MTI Smoke Alarm Model SA668S has met the UL standard for recreational vehicle smoke detectors, which tests are more rigorous than those for household smoke alarms.These alarms must pass saltwater spray, extreme temperature and vibration tests in order to earn the UL seal. This testing and UL listing meets the new NFPA 302 standard for Marine Smoke Alarms.

MTI Smoke Alarm Model SA668S, which also meets the US Coast Guard standard for marine use, features an Alarm Mute Button that allows boaters to silence the alarm for 10 minutes in the event they burn food while cooking with just a push of a button. The alarm is still operational during that time and if the smoke level continues to increase, the unit will again immediately sound a warning, giving the boater continuous protection while cooking.

“MTI understands that when people are on their boats, they want to relax and not worry about smoke alarms disturbing their peace.MTI safety products allow them that convenience as well as peace of mind,” said Wisniewski.

The Marine Technologies Smoke Alarm Model SA668S, with a suggested retail price of $14.95, features 24-hour continuous protection; requires no wiring for installation and carries a five-year warrantee.Marine Technologies, Inc. safety and security products are available at a variety of marine dealers and retail outlets. For further information, contact:

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