Muncie, IN – Residents at the Redwood Mobile Park on the south side of Muncie received quite a scare on Tuesday. A nasty gas leak to a major evacuation.

Tamara Gabbard and her six year old child sprinted out of their home after they noticed the smell and sound of a natural gas leak coming out of their trailer. Gabbard said her water main was being worked on, when her gas line was struck, sending a fountain of natural gas into the air. The sound was loud enough to send shock waves through the park.

“i heard it and I don’t know anything about gas– I was worried about an explosion,” said a local resident.

Two fire crews, Muncie Fire Department and Center Township Fir Department,were on the scene. Both reported that “it could have been a very dangerous situation.”

Fire Department officials also added that luckily there was nothing near the leak that could have ignited an explosion. Crews will continue to work on Gabbard’s trailer until it is deemed safe enough to enter.