MESQUITE, TX – When Kristi Sammons survived a natural gas explosion in her home a few weeks ago, she was sure her luck would change.

Tuesday, her nightmare returned ― the odor of gas filling the back yard of her rent house.

“There’s no words right now. It’s just complete shock,” she said.

Atmos Energy crews quickly responded, finding a leak in a new meter in her new backyard.

“Apparently their excuse was ‘Hey, we didn’t get them tightened down properly,’” she said. “What do you make of that? Well, it’s really negligent.”

But a few hours later, crews found another leak in the alley.

Atmos moved Sammons’ family to a hotel at 9 p.m. Tuesday until repairs could be made.

What’s more, the house they left is one block away from their house that exploded ― in a neighborhood where crews later identified 24 additional leaks.

A half block away from the Sammons house, Atmos crews were repairing another leak. Three blocks away, another crew was repairing a gas leak at some apartments.

Neighbors’ nerves are beginning to frazzle. Some were unaware there was a problem and believe it should be fixed quickly and all residents notified.

Latasha Williams said she’s been smelling gas for the past month.

“I’m scared, scared for me and my kids,” she said.

Atmos Energy said safety is its highest priority. It also said crews detected only a small leak at Sammons’ meter.

Crews have been combing the neighborhood with gas detection equipment and are addressing every scent of danger.

“If they didn’t get it right the first time, then how do I know they are going to get it right the second time?” Sammons said.

Sammons will not breathe easier until she and her family quit breathing gas.