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MTI Recommends Replacement of Old Carbon Monoxide Alarms on RVs

(Volo, IL – August 14, 2006)Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer that can be present when we travel, camp or vacation in RVs.No matter where you encounter CO, within minutes, high concentrations of this odorless, colorless and invisible gas can become lethal.Having a CO alarm that is listed for use on Recreational Vehicles in good working order is an essential part of safety.MTI Industries, maker of the Safe-T-Alert™ brand of CO alarms recommends you replace all old CO Detectors and any CO Alarms over 5 years old.

“Carbon Monoxide Alarms have now been in use in the RV market for over 15 years and any detector/alarm put into service over 5 years ago has seen the end of its useful life.It needs to be immediately replaced by an alarm using the latest technology,” stated Jeff Wisniewski, Vice President for MTI.“It is easy to check.Any unit that is labeled a Detector not an Alarm is over 5 years old and should be replaced. On units labeled Carbon Monoxide Alarm look for the date code on the unit to see when it was produced or when it should be replaced.All Safe-T-Alert models SA-4, SA-5, SA-50 and 50-541/542 are over 10 years old and should be discarded and replaced immediately,” continued Wisniewski.

MTI recommends you consider this RV Safe T.R.I.P. Tip:

· Test and inspect all CO alarms installed on RVs weekly and each time the RV is taken out of storage.Replace alarms that do not work.

· Replace all CO alarms that are more than five years old. The date code is usually on the back of the alarm.

· Install CO alarms approved for use on RVs when replacing old units.Add alarms on older RVs.

· Prevent accidents by being aware of the potential sources of CO in and around your RV.Never ignore or disable a sounding alarm.

MTI Industries has served the boating and RV industry since 1979, providing safety products to original equipment manufacturers and RV retailers across the United States.For further information on MTI Industries, contact:

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