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MTI Introduces Combination CO/Propane Alarm for RV Market

(Volo, IL – July 5, 2005)MTI Industries Inc. has recently introduced a combination Propane and Carbon Monoxide Alarm for the RV market.The first of its kind in the industry, the Safe-T-Alert™ 70-742 combines alarms for both carbon monoxide (CO) and propane (LP) gases into one unit that is easily hard-wired into any RV.

Since 1996, every new RV has been required by RVIA to have a Propane gas detector.As of January of this year, all new RVs are also required to have a CO alarm.Safe-T-Alert’s™ 70-742 is UL listed for RV use and allows RV manufacturers to meet both RVIA requirements in one unit.In addition all trailers manufactured before 2005 can be update to the latest RVIA safety requirement with the installation of this single unit.

According to MTI General Manager, Jeff Wisniewski, the unit is hard-wired into the RV’s 12-volt electrical system just like all RV propane detectors are today.“Not only is this new alarm more convenient, it makes it easy for the RV’er.They don’t need to replace the battery every year, or worry about batteries dying in the middle of a trip,” said Wisniewski.“MTI recommends replacing its CO alarms and propane detectors every 5 years to keep up with the current UL standards and latest sensor technology.With this duel purpose model you update both your CO alarm and propane detector with a single installation.”

According to Wisniewski, the CO/Propane combination alarm is the same size as their current 60 series carbon monoxide alarm and can be installed from 4 to 20 inches from the floor to detect both gases.“We have a unique, patent pending operational design that allows both sensors to operate in parallel, ” said Wisniewski. “Even if, for example, the CO alarm detects CO and sounds the alarm, the LP alarm will continue to work and emit a different signal if LP is also detected.”A second model comes with a 3-amp relay that can be used to shut down a generator or furnace and can be interconnected with other 70 series alarms.Both models have a mute button that will temporarily silence the dual alarm while the RV’er takes the appropriate safety steps.

Wisniewski said that in addition to being more convenient to install a single unit, multiple color options and a flush mount enclosure design help blend the alarm into RV’s interior.For more information on MTI Industries Inc. and Safe-T-Alert™ products, contact:

MTI Industries, Inc.

31632 N. Ellis Drive Unit 301

Volo, IL60073

(800) 383-0269


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