Grandview, TX- A 62-year-old Texas mother died Saturday night after her three-story home exploded, rattling the entire neighborhood and surrounding cities.

Wanda Buckley Davis’ body was found amid the rubble of her property in Grandview, outside Fort Worth following the blast, which occurred just before 11 p.m., Sheriff Bob Alford said.

Davis’ husband was away on business in North Carolina when the log-cabin style home was all but flattened, relatives said.

According to Alford, neighbors reported a bang and started searching the area when they discovered Davis’ house had been destroyed.

Photographs provided by the sheriff’s department and the victim’s family show that little is left of the home except bits of insulation and a crumbling foundation. The devastation resembles the aftermath of a tornado.

Investigators believe the explosion was likely caused by a propane leak ignited by water heaters in the basement of Davis’ home, Alford said.

Foul play is not suspected.

It was first reported that no one was injured in the blast, but shortly after noon Sunday Davis’ body was found inside what was left of the home.

Davis’ husband Gary Wagoner was en route to Texas Sunday. He was on a business trip in North Carolina when the tragedy unfolded, Alford said.