Pownal, VT – Times Argus — At least four residents of two adjacent mobile home parks were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after they lost power and had to heat their homes with “alternative heating sources,” officials said.

Electricians were trying to inspect 33 homes in the Green Mountain and Alta Gardens parks to be sure it was safe to turn the power back on after flooding caused by Wednesday’s heavy rains.

The Central Vermont Public Service Corp. cut power to the parks on Wednesday evening after flood waters reached the doors of some of the homes.

Some residents evacuated while others chose to stay. Flood waters receded Thursday, but it was unclear when it would be safe for all residents to return.

“Those will need to be inspected by a licensed electrician before they can turn the power back on,” said Selectman Don Prouty. “If enough individuals or families need it we’ll be putting up an emergency shelter at the Fire Department, manned by the Red Cross.”

Members of the Pownal Fire Department were warning residents Thursday about the dangers of remaining in the worst-hit homes, said town Health Officer Jim Gilbert.

“There are citizens without power who are using alternative heating sources,” he said.