Mitchell, SD – Ahome explosion in Mitchell sends one person to the hospital with severe burns. It all happened just after 4:00 Tuesday afternon and authorities say a gas leak is likely to blame.

They also say it could’ve been worse, with a daycare next door and several homes nearby, everyone close to the explosion was forced to evacuate.

Authorities say the man who lives in the home was turning on his stove when the explosion happened.

Paul Morris, Assistant Fire Chief says, “We did find one person involved. They were treated by the ambulance and transported to Queen of Peace Hospital for further treatment.”

Neighbors like Michele Grosdidier heard the explosion and quickly ran to help.

Michele Grosdidier says, “We knew there could be somebody in the house, so we ran across the street to see if anyone was there.”

When she found the man, she knew he needed help.

Grosdidier says, “I ran in, got a towel, put it around his head and got him across the street.”

Meanwhile, residents within a six block radius, including a daycare next door to the home were forced to evacuate. Officials with Northwestern Energy says a sight like this is something everyone can learn from.

Tom Glanzer from Northwestern Energy says, “It just reminds us how important it is to know some of the safety rules of natural gas. If you smell natural gas, call 911, call your utility company, don’t feel like you’re the last one, or the first one to ever smell it. The more people that know about it, the better and that’s something to take away from something like today.”

Now word on the man’s condition. Residents have since been allowed back inside their homes.