MO City, MO – From Missouri City comes the story of a woman who shouldn’t be alive this morning: She’s Ann Patterson Smith, and her house exploded just after midnight. And we mean exploded – according to reports, the chimney was the only thing left standing. Well, the chimney and Smith, of course.

No one’s sure yet why Smith’s house at 3404 Covey Trail blew up, but the blast was apparently really something. “A noise that sounded much bigger than any lightning strike you ever heard just rocked our world. Literally we just about fell out of bed,” neighbor Sharon McMath told the Chronicle.

Matthew Sincerbox, another neighbor, told KPRC it was “the loudest boom I’ve ever heard in my life.” The explosion hurtled shingles, 2-by-4s and other building materials hundreds of yards from the house – and it seems to have propelled Smith out, too. Channel 2 reports that a neighbor heard the blast, rushed outside and found Smith standing in her back yard singed and disoriented, but otherwise doing pretty well. “Her survival is unbelievable,” James Patterson, Smith’s brother, said. “God must be watching over her.”

The cause of the explosion is being investigated. Residents of 10 nearby homes, several of which were damaged by the blast, were evacuated in case there was a natural gas leak, but it seems none has been found. Missouri City Fire Chief Mike Youngblood said investigators would look through the remains of the house as soon as the debris cooled down enough to let them do so.