Mattapoisett, MA – Two Mattapoisett police officers are being called heroes after saving a family from a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Those officers were in the neighborhood Christmas night for a different reason.

A neighbor had called police for a severed sprinkler line was gushing water. That water line could have been what saved the Sinnott family.

“We could hear a faint alarm, almost sounded like an alarm clock,” Officer Brett Osetkowski said.

Osetkowski and his partner Officer Lima were working the overnight shift on when they were called to Mechanic Street around 3 a.m. for a loud water leak.

When they got there they heard what sounded like an alarm and decided to check it out.

“We saw multiple Christmas presents around, Christmas tree and lights on. So we were afraid somebody was inside,” Osetkowski said.

That’s when they woke up the family.

“At around 3 in the morning I heard a huge bang on the door and it was the police pounding, pounding, pounding,” Cathleen Sinnott said.

When Officer Osetkowski got inside he made a shocking discovery, a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

“On that alarm, it said 80 parts per million. Immediately asked if anybody was still in the house,” he said.

And the Sinnot family is grateful he noticed.

“We didn’t hear it because it was in another side of the house,” Cathleen said.

She quickly got her entire family of five out of the house. She told FOX25’s Crystal Haynes they just moved in and were turning on a brand new gas fireplace for the first time that night.

“We just, just that day got the carbon monoxide detector,” she said.

Osetkowski said he responded the way he knew best.

“If that were my family, especially being the holidays, I’d want the officer on scene to go through every avenue to make sure that that person inside that house is safe,” he said.

Cathleen said first responders went above and beyond to help her family feel comfortable.