A Propane Gas Leak Led To An Exlposion Heard Miles Away

News 9 was first at the scene on County Road 56, talking with neighbors, the fire department and town officials.

The initial call into the Pleasant Hill Fire Department was a propane leak. In fact according to investigators, Sunday night the Walter family smelled gas and airing on the side of caution, decided to spend the night elsewhere. They returned Monday morning to get ready for school and work.

Reports are they still smelled the gas, then called the fire department and headed out for school. As it turns out, all the children were out of the house, as well as the babysitter. But the dad, Eric Walter was just closing the door when the house blew to pieces.

Pieces of the home were strewn about the neighborhood, across the street, in trees, and in neighbors yards. Firefighters sifted through the debris, looking for any evidence of a cause, and remnants of a family’s belongings.

The Walters family home is now nothing more than a memory. The blast at the home was heard miles away and neighbors say it literally sounded like a bomb had gone off.

It was so powerful that it shifted one neighbor’s house several inches from it’s foundation. “When I got here, the gentleman from FEMA told me that the house was basically condemned because it had been blown an inch an a half off the foundation. ” said Steven Meyers, a neighbor.

Eric Walters was taken to Mercy hospital and is in critical condition. The babysitter and 6 children who were outside the house have been treated for minor injuries.