Vancouver, WA – A Vancouver man was badly burned Friday morning when his motorhome went up in flames.

It happened around 5:30 a.m. when the man went to light the gas stove. Apparently there was some propane gas settled inside that lit up when he lit the stove.

Firefighters say the inside of the 1973 Pace Arrow is scorched. The 54-year-old man was conscious when crews arrived, but had second and third degree burns to his hands, and first degree burns to his face and head.

Vancouver Fire investigators believe faulty work the man did on a gas refrigerator Thursday may have been the cause.

“What we’re thinking is there was some leaking and accumulation of gas in the lower regions and areas of the motorhome, and when he went to light the stove this morning– bang!” said Jim Flaherty of the Vancouver Fire Department.

Many motorhome appliances run on propane and it’s recommended that you have a certified technician do any work on the units.

The man’s name was not initially released. The homeowner had been letting him park and stay in the driveway for about two weeks before Friday’s fire. He is now in the burn unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.