Hanover, PA – Police are investigating a Hanover man’s death after he was found dead in his home Monday, according to the York County coroner’s office.

After testing at York Hospital Tuesday morning, the coroner’s office ruled that Lewis Bowers Jr. died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. Bowers was found dead in his West Granger Street home at about 10:30 a.m. Monday, according to the office.

York County Deputy Coroner Jeffri Goodfellow responded to the call at about 1 p.m. Tuesday. Goodfellow reported that the 50-year-old man did not have working electricity in his home at the time of his death, but the lack of power was not linked to any outage from the weekend storm.

Police have not released information on the source of the carbon monoxide, but it appeared that Bowers had tried to heat his home with a propane stove, according to the office.

The office noted that “unsafe heating sources include using propane heaters indoors, ovens and other devices that can cause [carbon monoxide] poisoning or fire.”

Penn Township police are investigating the death, and Bowers’ family has been notified.