Lynwood, IL- FORD HEIGHTS (CBS 2) A man from the south suburbs was listed in critical condition after a massive explosion destroyed his home. Investigators blame a gas leak for the explosion.

The fire started at 1AM Friday morning after an explosion leveled a big portion of the house located on Torrence Avenue in Lynwood.

“When we pulled up we were told it was a gas leak. Originally we were told there was somebody trapped in the home, but when we pulled up they said they had him out of the house,” said Chief Rich Eriks with the Lynwood Fire Department.

Two officers from the Lynwood Police Department were the first ones to arrive. Their first instinct was to look for survivors.

“We heard someone screaming from the back of the house. Officer Mears and myself worked to the back of the house and we found the victim in the back of the house. He had second and third degree burns on his body,” said Officer David DePaolo.

The fire was especially difficult for firefighters, because there are no fire hydrants in this part of Ford Heights.

“We had to pull a box-alarm because this is a non-watered area, so we had to have tankers come in to help shuttle water to put the fire out,” Eriks said.