IL – Clean up continues, Mall remains closed

ABC7 Chicago — As crews clean up debris at the Ford City Mall, the first lawsuit involving the explosion was filed by a family injured in the blast on Wednesday.

Just two days after a natural gas line exploded under Ford City Mall, a family has filed a lawsuit against the mall’s owner and Peoples Energy. A Cook County Circuit Court judge ordered the mall and gas company to preserve as much evidence as possible and allow private attorneys access to the scene.

The suit was filed by Raquel Frazier, who had just strapped her two small children into their car seats when the mall parking lot exploded.

“I’m very grateful. I feel like I was very lucky to even be alive and be here today,” said Raquel Frazier, plaintiff.

Frazier’s five-year-old son suffered a fractured jaw and leg. Frazier and her daughter were traumatized.

“We are thankful. We’re all still scared, nervous. My son told me he doesn’t ever want to go to the mall again,” said Frazier.

As crews continue digging and removing debris from the huge crater Friday, investigators still have not found the source of an apparent natural gas leak. A city spokeswoman confirmed today 911 calls are being reviewed to determine if any people who smelled gas reported it before the explosion.