North Philadelphia, PA – Authorities believe the colorless, odorless and tasteless gas carbon monoxide put two North Philadelphia children into the hospital early this morning.

One child is being treated at Temple University Hospital. Another is being treated at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. They both suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. Their mom says they’re going to be alright.

The two children were staying at their grandmother’s house in the 3300 block of Mascher Street. Eleven-year-old Jonathan woke around 1am complaining of dizziness. Then, the grandmother couldn’t awaken 13-year-old Amanda, so she called the children’s mother who in turn called 911.

PGW came to investigate and found unusually high carbon monoxide levels of 500 parts per million in the home. That’s 10 times the level considered safe.

The children were taken to Temple. Doctors plan to keep the boy on oxygen for another 6 hours. The girl was taken to the University of Pennsylvania where she’ll be treated in their hyperbolic oxygen chamber.

PGW’s investigation is centering on the home’s heater as the cause for the carbon monoxide leak.