Louisville, KY- By Dick Kaukas, The Courier-Journal

Investigators were still trying to determine yesterday why several workers at the Dana Corp. plant on Westport Road in eastern Jefferson County showed symptoms that appeared to be caused by carbon monoxide fumes Friday night.

Gary Yurt, chief of the Worthington Fire Department, which was called to the plant, said yesterday that the investigation was continuing.

Linda McGinity Jackson, a spokeswoman for Jewish Hospital, said five people from Dana were brought to the hospital for observation Friday.

When firefighters arrived Friday, Yurt said, five or more Dana employees were stretched out on the grass outside the building, and several others had symptoms of having breathed carbon monoxide fumes, including nausea, tightness of the chest and difficulty breathing.

Tests of the air in the building showed high concentrations of carbon monoxide, with readings of about 300 parts per million, Yurt said.

Industrial buildings typically have readings of 10 to 15 parts per million, he said, adding that he believed the forklifts in the plant, which are powered by propane, likely were the cause of the fumes.

He also said that, for reasons that weren’t clear, the plant’s ventilation system wasn’t running at the time and that the doors were closed.