Oswego County, NY- By Bill Carey, News 10 Now

An early morning explosion. Victims buried in rubble. One dead. Several others severely burned. The people investigating what caused it all have run into problems.

First there is a language barrier. Most of the victims speak Spanish., and, many of the victims are too badly hurt to talk in any language.

Leaking propane is being blamed for the blast, but investigators are trying to figure out what touched off those fumes. A spark from an appliance, maybe someone lighting a cigarette.

“It may be something with the amount of destruction we may never know exactly what caused the explosion, but we are pretty sure it was propane based,” said Reuel Todd, Oswego County Sheriff.

Another key question, was the small housing unit, being used by ten workers, safe to begin with. There, the investigators say there is no cause for suspicion.

“That residence was checked by the health department within a month and it was up to code and had passed inspection,” said Todd.

The tragedy, the sheriff says, has reminded many about the lifestyle of the migrant workers and the dangers they face as they try to earn enough to support families thousands of miles away.

Two of the workers injured in Thursday’s blast remain in critical condition at University Hospital.